[Premium] Reflecting on my investment journey

I have been investing since I was 16 years old. Since I was too young for my own account, my mum would help me buy the stocks I wanted. I had early success in counters like Keppel, Cosco, Singtel, Starhub, and Cerebos. The excitement of making money helped to grow…

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  1. I admire your guts to say you lost $35,000 in 20 yrs, and what have you learnt? nothing.

    There is always up and down, you are only as good as your next trade or investment.

    By now, I believe you are doing better. Wish you the best!

    1. I feel like I should post the actual gains/losses so people know I’m authentic and I make losses just like all other investors. I don’t sell any trading systems or courses, so I don’t need to look like some invincible guru.

      Thanks for the comment and wish you all the best too!

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