Whew. When I started this site last month, I didn’t really have much expectations on how it would grow. It was a passion project, something I would do for free on my own. Now, I’ve been seeing a lot more traction, especially after the collaboration with Dr Wealth. I’m really thankful that he helped to share my story.

My main desire is to contribute positively to the “thread of humanity”, the connection between us and future generations. I hoped that people would take something good away from my unique (i.e. bad) experiences, and these writings to be something I can be proud of. Something my son can look at it when he is of age and understand his father a bit better.

I have chosen to not reveal my name, and write under theFI35 as I wanted to write openly and honestly. I will continue to post my portfolio and what trades I have been doing, and I don’t really care if people know I profit or not. I have no interest in making people think I’m an invincible investor. Like most people, I panic, get stressed out, and experience fear. I wanted to truthfully capture my emotions and by doing so, let people know that what they go through is normal.

I’m grateful to all my readers, and you have given this early retiree something to do. I spent hours on a new design for a fresher feel. I go back to my old posts and re-edit them again and again to improve the flow and connection. I can’t stand it when my quality is poor and I want to give the best I can to you.

I have added a bit of WordAds to cover the costs of hosting, but I want to minimise ads to keep the site clean. I can take it away if its not working out.

After-note: I decided to remove WordAds as it was $0.01 cents for 1,411 ad impressions. It’s not worth affecting the reader experience for now.

I still feel there is a lot for me to write and share. A reader gave me an idea to write more extensive about cancer insurance, and I’m working on it, along with a few other drafts. I’ve been posting everyday, partly because I feel trapped on the chair while my son sits on my lap to watch YouTube. But I’ll probably reduce that to more reasonable posting schedule, which will also help me improve the quality.

Is there anything you wish for me to write on? Or have something to feedback on the design and style? Let me know in the comments or at thefinancialindependent35@gmail.com

Thanks again for your time and support.

2 thoughts on “Major gratitude and site update

  1. Thank you for sharing your story – i wish you good health and a successful investing journey.

    Perhaps you could share more on your leveraged investment with Banks’ CoCo bonds. I know that’s (ie leveraging) what banks like to sell us (investors) and I haven’t got enough guts for this. What’s the margin maintenance like and what’s a good leverage ratio and I guess most important of all which Bank (is it about their capital ratios? – coupons for banks with strong balance sheets are so low)

    I am curious to know why not just stick to the Temasek bonds since the positive carry you achieved on the you have looks good?

    Keep up with the writing.


    1. Hi Del,

      Thanks much for commenting and the well wishes.

      Margin maintenance is 140%, if it falls below that there will be margin call.

      It’s calculated by the total value of the portfolio divided by what the bank/brokerage lends you, x 100%. So for $1,000,000 bond portfolio value, if the bank lends you $700,0000, you would have a margin maintenance of 142%. I was advised that typically 150% – 160% is a safe buffer for investment grade bonds

      Choosing which bank and which bond is not easy, but I think the market is fair. Higher coupon will mean higher risk. I think it’s more about choosing what return you are comfortable with.

      I am sticking to the Temasek bond as long as possible. But if my Coco bonds fall even further, I’ll have to liquidate to shore up the margin account. Currently my margin valuation is sitting at 170%. But its more volatile since I pledged shares to shore it up, so I prefer it higher for now.

      Hope that helps!

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