It has been impossible to sit and write meaningfully during this circuit-breaker (CB) period. Every time I sit down, my son will come and pull at me, and I have no choice but to entertain him. I’m sure this goes on for countless households.

I’ve decided to just go with it and enjoy his company, and take a break on writing for awhile. But the logic of paying for childcare while I’m the one taking care of him at home escapes me.

It’s lucky that I’m not working during this period. The situation would be much more unmanageable if both my wife and I were working.

Just a couple of observations today.

Singapore’s COVID-19 cases has been rapidly rising, and we are the worse hit country in Southeast Asia now. The CB has now been extended by 1 month.

I took a look at how we compare across the world as a percentage of the population. While Singapore is oddly not included in this info-graphic from Statista, it’s easy to calculate: 12,000 cases / 5.63 million = 2,131 cases per million inhabitants.

This is about 8th place in the world, and also the highest in Asia.

What happens when we do lift the CB, and start allowing visitors to come back? If there is a spate of cases again, will we go into another CB?

I can’t say.

I’m being pulled away again.

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