[Premium] Why I don’t Touch SGX Stocks

People who follow me should know by now I invest in US stocks and European bank bonds. I have cashed out of all my SGX stocks since 2017. I’m a born and bred Singaporean. I earn in SGD. Why wouldn’t I invest in companies in my own country and currency?…

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  1. Nice read, and as you mentioned, great minds think alike as we wrote on the same subject n posted on the same day. Quite incredibly coincidental.

  2. Hi nice post, can check with your for individual US stocks …. like amazon or facebook, can use cpf to buy ? Btw what brokerage acct u use to trade and sell ?

  3. What is your take on the US that keep printing dollars resulting in trillions of debt.Do you think long term it will devalue it?

  4. excellent truth. my stockbroker friend went bust after 30 years as a broker. he says no broker in any countries can be so bad off than sgp.
    Most trades are riddled with insider trade that takes even the brokers for a ride. And the biggest insider is allow to trade its own stocks while controlling all business news release. !
    what a joke..
    Any serious investors left in the sgx now.

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