[Premium] Connecting the dots in life

I’ve been thinking a lot about the trajectory of my life and how to make sense of it. Like most Singaporeans, I take my career and work seriously. I was in the office for long hours and took on new assignments without complaint. I kissed my fair share of butts.…

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  1. Congratulations on having find your path and all the best for your studies.
    I personally feel it is brave to step away from a regular income to pursue what makes you tick.

  2. Only discovered your blog a couple of days ago and have been learning quite a bit from it! Am of the same age as you and recently lost both parents to the big C.
    You are strong and brave to be doing what you are doing despite the odds, and not letting your condition get the best of you! Looking forward to read your future posts!

    1. Hey thanks a lot. Appreciate it and thanks for reading. So sorry to hear about your parents, it must have been horrible for you. Hope you are alright

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