[Premium] Portfolio Transactions Early Jun 2020

Bought: 10 shares of Booking Holdings at $1,816 5 shares of Booking Holdings at $1,595 24 shares of SPDR S&P 500 ETF at $300.78 Total transactions = about USD $33, 300 11 Jun 2020 finally brought a halt to the massive rally for the past couple of months. I had…

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  1. Yes, thank you, bro and I wish you well in your health and your future undertakings.

    Btw, we are so similar in our train of thoughts that I realised that I have roughly 50% of what you own in terms of bonds/shares.

    E.g., in terms of bonds, I have two of the same European AT1s that you have.

    It is the similar with shares as well. I understand that you buy those US counters that you use or personally come in touch with while I focus on certain key themes like Cloud Computing, online retail, online payment, Data & AI. But we do end up with roughly 50% of the same counters.

    It is really fun to find someone who buys similar counters.

    1. Hey it’s nice to hear from someone else who thinks the same. I often feel like I’m the only one doing these kind of investments, and I’m glad that you are doing it too. Let me know what you are buying or holding? Nvidia and Amazon I’m guessing?

      1. Currently holding:
        Cloud Computing – AMZN, MSFT, BABA
        Online retail, online payment – IBUY, IPAY, CLIX, ONLN
        Data & AI – NVDA, AYX, MDB
        Finance – BLK, V, MA, MCO
        Precious metal – GLD
        ZOOM sold.

        I’ll probably add some S&P 500 index ETF and maybe add more of the above and IGV and XLK.

        I am not sure yet.

      2. Nice. I’m a bit wary of holding BABA cause it can get delisted but its a good stock. Well done on Zoom too. I haven’t heard of MDB and the online finance stocks, but I’m sure you did your homework. Hope our common holdings can do well!

  2. hi FI, just curious,
    any specific reason why you choose SPDR S&P 500 over the other SP500 etf eg SPY, CSPX, VOO, IVV etc etc

    1. No specific reason other than I’ve been doing it for 2 years plus and SPY is the largest and most liquid… I didn’t know about the US tax implications till recently. Right now its not a big deal, but I’m thinking of moving over to VOO or VUSD to save on the dividends.

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