I was recently inspired by a post from a Singaporean Stocks Investor, where he shared his experiences with helping his parents to be secure in their retirement. It reminded me of my own dad. You see, why I am so hung up on insurance and financial planning is because my…

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17 thoughts on “[Premium] Remembering my father

  1. Quote “She helped nurture my interest in investing by letting me buy stocks through her account”

    Did your mum know about your dad’s big losses in the stock market?

  2. I am glad you chose the path you are in right now, despite the experience with your father. You could have easily gone the other way, blaming him and using it as an excuse.

  3. Hi FI35,

    Thanks for sharing. 父子没有隔夜仇. I am sure your dad holds you and the rest of his children as his greatest pride and joy.

    1. Thanks much. Yes, I don’t disagree. I just wished he had expressed it more while he was still around, though I know it’s not natural to those in my parents’ generation. Take care

  4. Deeply resonated with me. Had a bad childhood growing up with adults making bad life and financial decisions. Life was not easy growing up in a family financially bankrupt and lacking the nicer things in life that friends had. I quickly grew up, like you, distilling the life lessons and staunchly rejecting the bad habits. Now that I am in my mid thirties, I think back on how lucky I am. I could have easily gone down the slippery slope and learn the bad habits thinking that they are normal. Thank you for the post!

    1. Hi gumyuzai, glad it resonated with you. I’m sure there are many who had went through the same, just that they don’t usually share. Happy that you made the best of your experience. Thank you too for reading

  5. Same here, my surviving parents whom are not financial prudent are struggling now, I refrain from living outside my means.

    1. I realise that most people back then didn’t have the concept of saving and investing. It was those who bought property who prospered. The bigger the loan they took, the better. Future generations won’t be so lucky. Good job on your lifestyle

  6. Quite moved by your post. Most of my visits to blogs turn up as a result of search engine results but your is one of the few that I deliberately visit from time to time for its content. I had lost my father a few months ago and I only wished that I could have been a better son to him.
    I’m of the same age as you but never really looked at health insurance that closely. Have always relied on the ones that my employer/s provided. I hope it’s still not too expensive to acquire at this age.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear of your loss.. it must have been terrible for you and your family. I hope that you all are doing better now.

      Regarding your health insurance, yes you should get your own medisave integrated plan. Your employer insurance will end when your relationship with them ends, and if something crops up, the health condition will get excluded when you buy a new plan. It’s still not too expensive now and a good chunk can be paid from your medisave account.

      All the best

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