I wrote about a suspicious spot found during my regular cancer scan in this post. I’m happy to report I had it thoroughly investigated and it’s not a cancer recurrence. Chain of events Went for a PET CT scan at SGH on 15 June. A PET CT scan is where…

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14 thoughts on “[Premium] Health Update

  1. good news!
    so yours is “NTUC preferred plan, with the assist and daily cash riders”?
    but if you had already claimed it before for your 1st cancer, would that affect your premiums? (aplogies if i sounded abit morbid)

  2. Hi, would be great if u can do a post detailing between private and public hospitals from your experience. Looking forward to it.

  3. Hi FI35,

    Glad to hear the good news. I am looking forward to your post on your experience in both public and private hospital.

    I am in a cross road right now for my parents health shield plan. They are currently with AIA private hospital plan and rider but due to the cost (I am paying about $2K per person), I intend to downgrade to Government B ward. My reasoning is that they can still choose their doctors albeit a government doctor. The cost of the medical insurance is also much more affordable and I also get some government subsidies for B ward.

    1. I had the same problem with my mum’s medical insurance too. It gets stupid expensive when older. She is on an A class ward plan now, which is much more affordable than private. Downgrading is definitely still better than dropping the entire plan. If possible, you can also move to other insurers, as AIA is known to be one of the most expensive.

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