Some readers have asked me to write about my experiences in both the public and private hospitals in Singapore. Few people have written about it, so I think its good to share more. Before I go further, I would like to say that I greatly respect our public healthcare workers.…

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7 thoughts on “[Premium] Experiences With Public and Private Healthcare

  1. Hi FI35,

    Thanks for sharing. Your experience reiterate my belief that apart from the the room type, there really is not much difference between a Government A ward and a Class B1 in terms of quality of care. My AIA agent is sharing that Government A ward has a longer post hospitalization coverage but I think that the B1 coverage is more balance in terms of premiums, government subsidy and hospitalization cost.

    1. Glad I could help. I haven’t experienced B1 myself, but I suspect you are right regarding the quality. Thank you for reading

  2. Hmmm, interesting… I think apart from Premiums, Ward and Quality Care Experience… Below are some key points to consider too…

    1. Annual Claimable Limits
    2. Claimable Period on Pre-hospitalisation specialist check up
    3. Claimable Period on Post hospitalisation outpatient follow up
    4. Overseas Non-Emergency medical or surgical treatment claimable
    5. Daily cash back provided when downgrade of ward (important if sole breadwinner coma)
    6. 100% covered or just 95% covered
    7. How much co-payment to pay? Is there a cap? Any special terms and conditions for the cap?
    8. Will premium increased because of claims?
    9. Is the benefits and premium most attractive as compared to what’s offered in the market?
    10. Am I overpaying based on market rate?
    11. How can my personal hospitalisation coverage complement my company plans? Do they overlap?
    If yes, which one will pay first?
    12. Is pre-authorisation compulsory before the surgery? What happen to the eligible claims if i do not seek pre-authorisation?

    Of course some possible key benefits that is important but not critical are

    1. Outpatient GP consultation claimable
    2. Outpatient Specialist consultation claimable

      1. Hospitalisation planning is those type of planning where you would like to ensure u get one suitable one that can meet all the considerations of concern (now and future) and try not to change after being incepted… Its the last bastion of defence during a medical crisis…

        So although it may seem like a easy planning to do… It has many implications in future if the wrong one is chosen…

        Self medication may sometime be the most expensive treatment…

  3. wow, relaly insightful article… if I am under a Hospitalization Restructured Plan, i guess it’s risky to swap to a private hospital plan since they may say pre-existing illness right?

    1. Yes.. if you discovered something after you have a plan, the new insurer will likely exclude it. Generally, I think the insurers here are about the same, there isn’t much of a need to switch.

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