130 shares of Johnson & Johnson at $142.44

Total sold: USD $18,460


370 shares of AMD at $54.5

2 shares of Amazon at $3,019

Total bought: USD $26,205

I sold Johnson & Johnson as it was declining slowly for 4 months despite a rallying market. I also made a mistake in buying a dividend-paying stock in the US. After the 30% withholding tax, dividends wouldn’t be very much and aren’t an incentive to keep holding.

Loss was about 4%, or USD $800. Of course, it jumped right after I sold it. It never fails.

Using the released funds, I bought into AMD.

I got excited about AMD because I’m being hearing a lot about how their Ryzen chips are considerably superior and cheaper than Intel. I was looking for a laptop for school, and balked at the $2,000 – $3,000 plus models here that had the specs I was looking for.

Trawling through Amazon, I ran across this. A 2-in-1 laptop with i-7 equivalent processor and 16 gigs of RAM for just USD $600? After conversion and import fees, it would come to SGD $900. This was 2-3 times cheaper than what I would find in Singapore. It was a no brainer, and I bought it on the same day.

Going on Youtube, I saw enthusiastic geeks give raving reviews to AMD’s. People really seem to love the product, and how it reduces prices of laptops and gaming PCs by hundreds of dollars. AMD has a tiny share of the chip market compared to Intel, and I think a lot of people will switch.

I’m coming pretty late to the party. While I don’t feel great buying close to its 52 week highs, the same could be said about any time earlier, and the stock price has kept going. I’ll be buying more on the dips.

I steadily add Amazon whenever it’s down. It has almost doubled my initial investment into it. It’s going to do well in this Covid-19 environment, which has seen a resurgence. People will have even more reasons to stay and home and order their stuff online. Amazon is pretty much perfectly positioned for the next 5 years.

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  1. “Loss was about 4%, or USD $800. Of course, it jumped right after I sold it. It never fails.” – LOL

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