PolicyWoke reached out to me to see if I’m interested in writing a post about them. After reviewing and listening to their podcasts, I’m glad to recommend them. PolicyWoke provides a much-needed service, especially in these tough times.


One of my pet peeves are agents who sell expensive and unsuitable products to their clients. While we can’t turn back the clock, PolicyWoke helps soften the blow and reset your finances towards a better path. 

They will buy over insurance policies, helping those who through no fault of their own, get into financial difficulties. This both alleviates the burden of setting aside money each month for the premiums, and quickly puts cash back into your pocket. By selling your policy to PolicyWoke rather than surrendering it to the insurer, you will get up to 10% more in cash. This can be thousands, depending on how much you have put in. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

What I like is that they will speak with the seller and find out the reason for letting the policy go. If it’s not in the seller’s best interest, they will calculate and then inform the seller of the opportunity cost in giving up the insurance policy. They don’t push unnecessary products that don’t fit your needs. Such an approach is rare in this dog eat dog world.

It’s not just sellers who benefit. Bargain hunters will get a faster and higher return than what they might get buying a new policy.  As some years would have passed between the policy’s inception and someone taking over, the waiting time for the policy to mature is cut short, providing more assurance on the returns.

Taking over a second-hand policy should not be a deterrent to anyone. The money and returns are just as good as any other source. The risk of default by the insurance company is non-existent, and it still retains its guaranteed returns. It’s a safe and effective way to boost your savings. 


If you are, do contact either one of the following:

Ethan Loh9172 9968@EthanLoh87
Jimmy Lim9090 4329@PolicyWokeJimmy

I’m also happy to help readers save even more money. Quote theFI35 to be eligible for a cashback of up to $250 per policy purchase.

Disclosure: This article is in collaboration with PolicyWoke. It contains referral links that are used to support the running of this blog. All opinions are my own.

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