[Premium] Made a Killing

I had the fastest gains I ever had on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) since I first started a position on 16 Jul 2020. Currently I’m sitting on nearly 33% profit, or almost USD $20,000. As this is the first time I really hit a home run, I’m pretty happy. It…

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  1. Hi FI35,

    Congrats on your winnings! Hope you continue to huat….

    When I first decide to buy my very first computer more than 20 over years ago, AMD was a super hot choice together with Intel. I think my first computer was AMD. Assume this is the same AMD you r referring to?

    Love your brutal honesty……. about buying high, chasing losing stock and diversity. Love your statements below:

    “I prefer the opposite tack. I buy more when the stock price is increasing. This is contrary to many people’s views but that’s why most people don’t make money in the stock market. Chasing a declining stock price is a loser’s game.

    Btw, buying low and selling high is the dumbest advice ever. Anyone who believes that doesn’t know what they are doing. Who’s to say what is the high and low? There is no way to tell.”

    I think over-diversify is also no good as it depicts the lack of faith in a particular sector. If you have a very strong faith in a particular “thing” goes for it…..

    1. Hey Rolf, appreciate your congrats. Yes that is the AMD I’m referring too. Last time it was always seen as the cheap and less good option, but things have changed now.
      I read your post about your wife’s job search, glad that she has good options in front of her.
      Hope we both continue to huat!

  2. > Chasing a declining stock price is a loser’s game.

    Just because it does not work for you does nto mean it is a losers game. Seems like a fundamental momentum trader in the making.

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