I’ve taken down the post as Money Maverick has reached out to clear the air. I appreciate him doing that, and I’ve taken down the post in goodwill and faith. He did not ask me to do so, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

I will not comment further on Money Maverick, and I hope he extends the same courtesy to me. I wish him all the best.

Thanks all who gave comments and support. Appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “[Premium] Money Maverick: My Response

  1. different folks, different strokes.
    read your blog very often.
    absolutely love your different angle, as yours is from the consumer’s side.

    one thing i learnt in life; you cant please everyone, as long as you think its right, doesnt harm anyone, do it with strong conviction and the truth will prevail.

  2. Hi FI-35,

    I read Money Maverick’s article titled “Are ‘Private Annuity’ Plans Superior To CPF? – A Gift For FI-35 And A Lesson For Others”.
    I am keen to know more about Private Annuity’ Plans and how this policy will bring benefits to me. Kindly provide information on how to buy this policy, Thanks in advance.
    My email is zenaahk@yahoo.com.

    1. Hi Rick,

      It’s best to talk to a professional financial advisor on private annuity plans. Unfortunately, I don’t sell insurance. I think MoneyOwl is a good agency to approach as their advisors are fully-salaried. If you have access to privileged/priority banking, you may want to talk to your bank as they can let you leverage. Thanks for reading!

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