[Premium] Portfolio Transactions Aug 2020

Bought: 16 shares of NVIDIA at 445.125 90 shares of AMD at 86.2 45 shares of MSFT at 213.68 16 shares of NVIDIA at 452.4 Total: USD $31,734 I’ve been adding to current positions rather than starting new ones. Nvidia has earnings coming up, and my guess is that they…

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  1. Tq for sharing, bro,… Any reasons why you have not invested into any vaccine counters, which are still reasonably-priced today ? For thematic plays, vaccine ctrs would be at the top of the ladder compared all ‘thematic ctrs’.


    1. I’m just not familiar with biotech stocks bro. It is really like playing the lottery as you don’t know which one will actually come out with the vaccine. I don’t know who will win. With AMD, I know with some certainty that they will steal market share from Intel. I invest with what I’m familiar with, and just so happens it has made money

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