Some of you might have noticed I posted my retirement income in the morning. I decided to take it down as there is risk of affecting the source of the income, and it is not worth it for some additional views.

Throughout the life of my blog, I have tried to value-add by posting information no one else does, such as my portfolio and insurance claims experience. This is sensitive information that no one with their real name or right mind would be doing. Neither is there any reward for doing so. All I have received are hateful messages from insurance agents who have their own agenda.

Besides the personal risk, I’ve been thinking of how sustainable it is to devote as much time and money it takes for me to run this website. I have refrained from running any ads on this site so not to affect the reader’s experience. But I cannot do this for free indefinitely. Many bloggers stop and drop off the face of the earth because it no longer makes sense to keep producing free content. It would be a shame if I do that.

I’m considering closing off access to many of my articles, especially those related to investment and portfolio. These would be limited to those who are willing to know the inner thoughts and workings of a sophisticated investor with access to hundreds of thousands and privileged banking services. If figuring out which bank account pays the highest interest makes a big difference to you, or think that debt = bad, this isn’t the site for you. There are plenty of other websites out there that offer free mass market advice. That isn’t here.

I’m obviously not writing because I depend on the income. The chief reason is a desire to be authentic and forthright about my thoughts. To be myself without fear of reprisal. To share knowledge and experiences that no one else shares but will deeply benefit. If I reduce viewership but get more quality, it is quite a worthwhile trade-off for me.

I’ll be taking a few days to consider the options.

Thank you for reading.

11 thoughts on “A Note to Readers

  1. Hi,

    I have been following your blog since you started and thought you offer a very fresh perspective on Financial Independence in comparison to other bloggers out there. It has been an enthralling read. The situation you are in also makes every moment and time much more precious than the everyday Joe who might take it for granted.

    Will be disappointed but I can understand if you choose to go down the path of closing access to some of your articles where only a select few would be able to benefit from your erudite thoughts.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi dollartriumph,

      Thanks for commenting. Appreciate your words. I have closed off access to some of my posts, but I believe that by doing so it will improve the overall quality. I will also be able to be more candid and write on things which will go against conventional thinking. Hope you’re able to keep on reading

  2. Would be a shame if you decide to close off the articles to a selected few. Because of your blog, I recently increased my term insurance. Though I would never take on debt to invest like you, but your writings are a refreshing alternative.

    1. Hi jalan, I’m happy that my advice was able to help you. I hope you never have to actually use the insurance and that you stay at your peak health. Good job on being responsible and savvy.

  3. Yes to alternative views in the SG personal finance blogosphere. I don’t think there is another SG blogger who publishes both portfolio AND net worth and you definitely add a lot of value with your insurance posts coming from a customer’s angle and not those from vested insurance agents. To me it is also Ok to introduce ads to cover the running costs of the site or have product endorsements of those you personally use and find beneficial to share with your readers.

    Keep up the good work and continue writing!

  4. Oh no, don’t do that … I really do enjoy reading your blog entries. But this is your blog, so you do what you wanna do with it. Thanks for sharing your life journey with us. And so sorry for those hateful comments, remarks, messages from unhappy insurance agents. Take heart, and take care!

  5. I don’t understand why insurance agents leave hateful comments about your claims experience ?
    Unless they didn’t like your other post about not needing expensive insurances like Whole Life.

  6. Hi! It’s too bad that most of the really interesting articles have been closed off – really found those I encountered previously to be good reads. May I check how you grant access to them?

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