[Premium] It’s Been an Euphoric August

I know this is a little early, but I’m pretty excited. August has been a fantastic month. AMD, Amazon, and Nvidia have been crazy. I have broken the $200,000 barrier on my gains. This feels so good because its the culmination of years of wandering around struggling how to make…

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    1. No one knows.. Its part of investing. I’m also kicking myself for picking up more tesla and nvidia recently, but I picked up more nvidia last night. I’m leaning towards this being a buying opportunity

      1. Same here, but only when the price is good enough. I think as long as covid continues without a vaccine, etc… It will be okay-ish. But I will also slowly buy into value stocks as well, for when the tide turns.

      2. For the value stocks, you are going into hospitality and airline stocks? I would hesitate to bet on any recovery soon. Good chance that the downturn will last longer than most people think. I suspect that travel will be sparse and expensive through 2021

    1. Same… not for a long time. When I can book an air ticket and stay in a hotel, then maybe can consider. Otherwise, I’m staying far away from those sectors

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