I haven’t had a lot of time to update recently. The Masters I’m taking is taking up quite a bit more time than I expected. It was quite a struggle to maintain my posting schedule amidst all the papers and group projects. This next month will be even more intense.

It really is difficult to upgrade oneself when older. Worse, I already regard myself as financially independent, and I don’t feel the same urgency I had to find a job as I did when I was an undergraduate. I have some doubts on how much value the Masters will really add to my life. The job market is also a bit uncertain now to say the least.

Still, I realise there is no better time to be doing this. I can do it full-time and online. I can’t imagine how drained I would feel if I was working and studying part-time, plus having to go up and down to the NTU campus. While it is not conducive for learning to have a kid burst in while you are doing an online lecture or presentation, it really is the best way to juggle being a father and a student. Being a father is the last thing I want to compromise on.

I will also be taking a big leap of faith in the coming month. While it is difficult, I’ve thought through it deeply and it’s the right path forward. I’ll share more about it later once I’ve actually pulled the trigger.

Keep moving forward.

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