Watching the election results come in. The polls are wrong again, and only Arizona appears to have flipped to Biden. Florida, Texas, and Ohio are set to go to Trump, and the early results of the rest of the Midwestern states lean Trump. It’s 2016 all over again, and Trump won that by a landslide.

I’m disappointed as I thought Trump governed pretty badly.. it’s astonishing to see him run an extremely competitive race with over 200,000 Americans dead due to COVID-19. But I guess the Americans will get the president they voted for.

Stock market wise, it looks like Nasdaq futures are up 2%. I think I’ll still stand to profit, though Tesla may not fly as much as I hoped. I’m more or less fully invested, though I have a few hundred thousands in margin to use. Wondering if the rally will continue or will there be some red days to buy in.

It is still early and its anyone’s guess on the final results. But as of this writing, it looks like we are in for another 4 years of Donald Trump.

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