40 shares of Alibaba at $288

3 shares of Amazon at $3,072

100 shares of AMD at $75

30 shares of Facebook at $262

Total : USD $36,100

I started buying on Friday when the market went down. I was disappointed that Monday and Tuesday became green, as I wanted to buy more. My war chest is about $200,000, and I’m hoping for a good market rally in early 2021.

I started two new positions in Alibaba and Facebook. Alibaba dropped about 8% due to the Ant IPO being suspended, thought it was a good opportunity to pick up. Bought Facebook when it was down 6% after earnings.

Regretted not picking up Tesla when it fell below $400, it’s since rallied strongly.

As I write this, votes are being counted for the US elections. Like many other investors, I’m hoping it will be a clean outcome. At the same time, I won’t mind picking up more if market turns red.

I don’t think the aftermath of the election will be as bad as what the media makes it out to be. Trump telegraphed what he will be doing, meaning that there can be plenty of time for his opponents to counter. A true Sith lord would have pretended to go along and give up power, and then at the last moment pull a stunt. Trump clearly hasn’t read the Art of War. In any case, there will be a president on 21 Jan 2021. Trump has no power to cling to his position.

I’m willing and eager for any volatility till then.

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