Some of you have asked how to access premium articles on the site, including my portfolio. Unfortunately, there won’t be a way to do so until December. That goes the same for purchasing my book, The Essential Guide to Retirement. I’m obligated not to accept income right now, but the situation will change by then.

Current monthly subscribers have been receiving free access since Sep and will continue to get free access until 31 Dec 2020. Yearly and lifetime subscribers have been refunded 6 months of access for 2-3 months of halted updates. As always, full refunds will be made if you are dissatisfied in any way. You will never be disadvantaged when it comes to any purchases on my website, whether it is for a subscription or book. My readers’ satisfaction comes first before a few dollars. I’m grateful that only 1 person has ever asked for a refund so far. To me, its proof that the vast majority of people are kind and willing to be patient. I won’t betray that trust.

I will be continuing to update premium articles, mostly covering portfolio and stocks buys/sells. I’m looking forward to posting my Nov and year end portfolio. This is done free for current subscribers. I still have a couple weeks of assignments to go for the semester, so updates might not be completely regular.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

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