Hope everyone is having a good run in the markets. It’s been a blast for me. Tesla and Palantir have been amazing. I’ve easily made the enhanced CPF retirement sum for the year, and its not even December yet.

I’ve used Seeking Alpha to show a clearer view of my portfolio. The snapshots I took using my trading account can be confusing since I have two accounts.

Selling my bonds and buying into stocks during the uncertainty in Nov was definitely worth it. I have no idea how long it will last. Especially Palantir, which has been going up 20% a day. But I’ve learnt to keep riding the rocket, and not sell. I simply will not sell. I’m well aware that it can go down, but over the long-term, there isn’t a better place to put my money.

I’m still wary of advising anyone to go in now. While I think there is still room to run, its looking a bit too rosy. Most investors seem to be extremely optimistic, and I tend to agree the situation for stocks is very positive. But its times like this when there are the biggest upsets, and things can go south quickly. You have to be counter-intuitive to invest in the stock market. When things are all green and going up, people will rush in. They fear missing out, and maybe they will make a quick buck or two. But that is precisely the riskiest time to go in. Real fortunes are made when there are huge red days and despair in the markets.

I also don’t believe in timing the markets, and trying to get in and out. It is nothing more than guessing, and its far more costly than simply doing nothing. I am holding at the moment, and not anticipating to do much buying or selling.

Using about $200,000 in margin right now, and I will refrain from using more. Would like to retain some buying power when the markets go down, like they always eventually do.

But in the meantime, keep riding the rocket to the moon.

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