Looking at the screen today, feeling all sorts of FOMO. The IPOs I wrote about here have run up over 100%. My orders didn’t get filled, and I hesitate to chase the price.

The thing with IPOs is that there is no track record, and I don’t have a feel of what is a reasonable price. It’s risky to pay into the exuberance, and I rather sit on the sidelines until things settle down.

I’m writing this early as I wanted to let members know I wasn’t successful in actually buying in. If you managed to, that’s great. Should already be heavy into the green.

It’s astonishing that C3.AI priced themselves at $42, but the first trade was at about $100. Airbnb is set to open at over $150, over double its IPO price of $68.

I’ll be watching them closely for a while, and if there is a good pullback I’ll probably go in. No idea if that will actually happen though. Prices could still be more eye-popping in the days and weeks to come.

In the meantime, watching the boat sail away.

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