With the resignation from my job, memberships can return. I’m super glad that more people can start reading my work, and hopefully gain a fresh perspective for their own financial independence journey.

What will you get?

It’s important to understand that this website does not engage in stock tips and recommendations. I would feel bad about losing my own money, but its a lot worse when its your family and friends. I don’t want that kind of responsibility, and you must do your own due diligence. No one but you has the responsibility over your own finances.

What I do is post what I have bought and sold on my own portfolio. I do this with a few days of the actual trade. While 2020 has been an excellent year for investments, I can’t guarantee that it will keep happening.

Unlike the majority of analysts and bloggers, I don’t pen lengthy analysis on individual stocks. While I post my transactions and why I bought or sold them, they tend to be pretty short, at 1-2 paragraphs. My reasoning is that I don’t want to regurgitate the same old valuations and justifications. It’s not too difficult to find decent articles and discussions on Reddit, Seeking Alpha, and YouTube. All free resources.

Besides investment pieces, I have built up a pretty decent library of premium articles that are unique to Singapore. This includes first-hand experience on insurance, debt, and financial planning. I have written them in a way such that they would always be relevant. I believe these articles puts the savvy reader at a massive advantage, over the cookie-cutter advice given to newbies.

The kind of advice and strategies I follow is something a typical financial adviser would never do. But my results speak for themselves. Would you rather take advice from someone who has already achieved wealth and has claimed tons of insurance? Or listen to an agent who has achieved none of those things? My memberships offer a choice on the matter.

Going forward, I want to expand this further and create one page guides on investment and insurance. Frankly speaking, these are simple subjects. My experience is that we are better off without financial advisers, insurance agents, and relationship managers. We can manage our financial life ourselves, and its extremely easy and straightforward. No knowledge on this is worth paying anything more than $5. And I can say that because you can read pretty much anything for free at the library or online.

Lastly, members are also able to freely message me and ask about anything to do with investments, insurance, or retirement. I would reply on a friendly basis and not attempt to sell you anything.

My Promise to You

I don’t up-sell any courses or webinars. I have turned down offers of selling or reviewing financial products. All of my income comes from my own investments, and not from selling out to a corporation or training others.

The reason for this is that I don’t like the state of financial education in Singapore. There is too much vested interests, fees, and poor performance. Not to mention a lack of transparency. This site is my stand against that and the convention wisdom.

Subscription fees are kept low for now. But I’ll be raising my monthly subscriptions to at least $7 per month after Apr/May 2021. This is when my studies end, so I can likely produce more. How I determine pricing is by the value I think I bring, as well as to serve as a sort of cap on subscribers. I don’t mind sharing my thoughts with a 100 people, but a 1,000? Not quite ready for that, and I’m not sure I would ever want to.

In the same vein, I am also stopping lifetime subscriptions. I felt it creates pressure for me to keep creating content for the rest of my life. Don’t worry, existing lifetime subscribers will experience no changes, and they won’t need to pay me another cent for access.

The root of my thinking is that I don’t want anyone to have a bad deal. Every single person should feel that they got their money’s worth here. If my content isn’t to your satisfaction, a full refund will be issued for purchases made on this site, within one month. I wanted to make spending money here entirely risk-free.

You won’t find many millionaires offering a look at their portfolio and wealth-building strategies for $5. Try asking your friends and family about their investments and insurance for $5. Few people are mad enough to share so openly.

Can’t bear to part with $5? That’s cool too. I’ll be making more posts free, including past transactions and portfolio changes. So keep coming back, chances are that you’ll see something new. But I won’t be generating much new free articles. This is so I can have more time creating premium content.

Lastly, I’m having a promotion where there is an extra month of access for monthly subscribers. It will last till the end of Dec 2020. There will never be a better time to join.

Sounds good? Here’s the link.

Thanks again all!

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