[Premium] I’m thinking of selling

The market has been in a sort of an exuberance mode for the last few months. I’ve made some pretty good money. However, all the positive news have made me think about selling stocks. The stock market feels a little frothy now, and there are definitely some segments which are…

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  1. Hi James, how about creating a closed telegram group for members in your forum so that we know your latest transactions more up to date and also we can chat with you more directly and seamlessly?

    1. Hi Eric, thanks for the suggestion. I certainly want to make it easier for members. I’m still hesitant about creating a Telegram group right now as I may get pressured to answer messages around the clock. There isn’t a strong motive for me to do so because I don’t make money from selling software or courses like others.

      But let me consider it for a while. I don’t mind trying things out and seeing how it goes as well. Give me a bit of time to consider the idea.

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