I’m happy to start making more articles free, especially for new readers. All articles before 1 Jun 2020 are now accessible. This includes some especially popular articles that attracted a lot of attention.

The links to these more popular articles are below. There are more, and you can find them by using the archives.

Reflecting on my investment journey

How I got $700,000 for FIRE

The Truth about Whole Life Insurance: You are losing out on a lot of money

Why I don’t touch SGX stocks

My $1.4 mil leveraged portfolio

Connecting the dots in life

The portfolio page is also opened up, and new readers can read up to May 2020’s updates.

I opened up because I wanted more people to be able to read them. The portfolio is one of the largest by a Singaporean blogger, with a unprecedented level of transparency. Besides the investment articles, I’m quite good at talking about margin, insurance, and retirement. My views can be unconventional but the results speak for themselves. I hope with these articles, new readers will understand what I’m about and if its something they are interested in.

If you like it, do consider signing up as a member. I’m currently have a promotion of an extra month for a monthly subscription, which will last till the end of the Dec 2020.

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