Re-posting as I will be organising my watch-list much like my portfolio, and keep them as posts rather than wipe it out each time I update. This retains commentary and thought processes. I’ll unlock this update as the stocks I’m watching has already changed significantly. I’ll be updating a new one for members.

My watchlist is unique among Singaporean bloggers in that I also have a lookout for bonds, and not just stocks. My portfolio weighted more heavily towards stocks, but there used to be a time when I had more in bonds as I was tired of the volatility.

I watch US and China stocks, as I don’t believe in the Singapore stock market. Have been burned too much. I also tend to use the products of the stocks I own, so I’m at least familiar with it.

For bonds, these lean towards bank bonds and perpetuals. These are riskier, but there is no real choice in this low interest-rate environment.


Amazon (AMZN)One of my conviction buys, and my largest holding. It has also been my highest gainers. Nothing to dislike about it, and it will continue to dominate for years to come.
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)Another conviction buy, and is the second largest holding I have. I have an interest in gaming, and follow the buzz in that community. AMD is making gaming even more accessible, and I think that they will take away market share from Intel.
Alphabet (GOOGL)I use Google products every day, and I love it. An easy buy from me.
Alibaba (BABA)This would be a play on China’s digital growth. I haven’t and probably won’t buy into it because of the threat of delisting on the American stock markets.
Apple (AAPL)I have bought and sold Apple. I haven’t held on to them (to my regret), simply because I think Apple products are overpriced for their features. I don’t think I’ll buy in again, but they are worth watching as the largest company in the world by market cap.
Booking Holdings (BKNG)The Booking app is something which I used to use all the time when booking holidays. It would be a recovery play. I haven’t bought into it because while I believe travel will come back, it will take longer than most people believe.
Facebook (FB)I have regretted not picking this up. I missed it because my market order didn’t go through. I learnt that its not worth the few dollars needed to put my order in front of the queue. It’s not difficult to see that Facebook will dominate in the years to come, and there isn’t a lot of social media alternatives.
Microsoft (MSFT)A relatively small holding in my portfolio, Microsoft is nevertheless a pretty solid company that is doing well under their CEO. It has a deep moat, and won’t change anytime soon.
Nvidia (NVDA)A strong recommendation from me, so much that I convinced my own wife to buy in. The 3000 series coming out will be sold out for months. It is also a play on data centres, artificial intelligence, and gaming.
PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ)I like ETFs a lot, and the QQQ is probably one of the best ways to get diverse and low-cost exposure into the tech sector.
Netflix (NFLX)I used to own a lot of Netflix, which has been sold for the sake of profit-taking. Again, I regret this sale. Learning point here is that profit-taking is not the smart thing to do. If a company is good, no reason to sell.
Tencent (0700)This is the Facebook and Visa of China. It is also a gaming stock, which I think is sure to grow.
Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800)This is a good low-cost fund that gives exposure to the China and HK market. Most people think China will continue to grow, including me.


Allianz 3.875%Allianz is a German insurer. I like European banks and companies because I know they are subject to pretty rigorous standards. Insurers are also pretty safe, and hence 3.875% is fairly attractive.
BNP Pariabas 5.125% perpetualA coco bond. BNP Pariabas is a prestigious French bank and the 8th largest in the world. That makes the 5.125% yield pretty good, and with leverage it’s about a 12% yield.
ESR Cayman 7.875%I didn’t hear of ESR Cayman till my brokerage recommended it. It’s quite a new company. I checked out their latest earnings and they seem fairly healthy. I hesitated because a 7.8% coupon is unusually high, and indicates a riskier investment.
Keppel Infrastructure 4.75%With Keppel being the parent and Temasek being the parent of the parent, I highly doubt that this bond will fail. The 4.75% yield is not too bad for a pretty safe investment.
SOCGEN 6.125% perpetualAnother prestigious bank bond. This is even higher at 6.125%. It’s a pretty good deal if you can stomach some risk.
OCBC 3.8% perpetualOur local Singapore banks are quite robust and highly unlikely to fail. However, I don’t find their yield super attractive at their current prices, and the international banks seem to be a better bet.

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