I’ve been quietly working on a passion project of mine.

I’ve written a book about retirement. This is the first retirement book written by a Singaporean, for Singaporeans. It covers topic and schemes unique to our little island, something never compiled before.

Not many people think and write about retirement, much less those who in their 30s, but I have been considering and thinking about it for years now.

The Essential Guide to Retirement represents what I believe is the absolute best retirement resource in Singapore. Nothing else comes close. With this book, I hope that many Singaporeans and their parents achieve a retirement that they deserve.

I’ll like to go into some of the reasons I felt this book was needed.

Lack of Good Resources for Retirement

When I was thinking about retirement, I found there was little good information available.

Resources tends to centre around the organisation supplying the info. The CPF Board discusses mainly about CPF matters. Financial institutions talk about their insurance and investment products. None of them considers the retiree holistically, beyond just the financial aspects. Information is scattered around and no one puts it together from the retiree’s real perspective.

There is hardly anything about the mindset and mental fortitude needed to move into retirement. Everyone assumes that if you have enough money, that’s all you need. People think you are happily riding off to the sunset.

The truth is that retirement doesn’t bring us into a happy bubble where there are no worries. Often, retirement is scary and disorienting. Especially if it has been chosen for you. Work has provided us with purpose, relationships, and income. It is not always easy to surrender that and walk away. We face uncertainty on our health and relationships, and wonder if our savings can last.

When I stopped formal work, I had such struggles. The loss of identity and purpose was more difficult than I thought. Even though I had plenty of money, I don’t think that alone brings happiness and contentment. We do need something more than money to get us up in the morning.

I came to realise that retirement isn’t simply the end of work. It is another beginning, and a completely different lifestyle and motivations. We do not just disappear and fade away once we retire. Most of us stop working in our 60s, and live over 80. It means we have at least 20 years to spend our retirement.

Can we spend all that time taking holidays and watching TV?

The reality is doing only that will eventually feel empty. The thrill of not having to work will fade. Retirement must be satisfying and fulfilling. If we do not have that, what is all the effort during our lifetime for?

But a good retirement takes decades to plan out. It takes effort and strategy. Most of us don’t think of planning until its too late. Many spend their last decades of life struggling with money, health and relationships.

Don’t let that happen to you and your family.

What do you get?

The Essential Guide to Retirement aims to be its title. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what retirement means and how to retire successfully.

To share some of the topics covered in its 244 pages:

  1. Are you ready for retirement
  2. How to live well after the end of work
  3. Building and maintaining financial security for life
  4. Avoiding scams
  5. Retirement in overseas destinations
  6. Being well-taken care of in old age

It makes a great gift for parents who have sacrificed for their family, or for colleagues who are retiring at the end of a long career. It will help them navigate the journey ahead, and safeguard or even grow their nest egg. Many retirees fall victim to scams or poor investments, and this book will help your loved ones guard against the legion of schemes out there. I hope it will help concerned children who are worried for their parents’ retirement, as I know I was.

It is also useful for those in their younger years, as it gives a heads-up on the environment they will be in, and how to plan their retirement. Anyone in their 30s – 80s will benefit from this book.

I want people to be fully confident of the value they get with the book. Hence, there is a full refund policy for the digital version. For the paperback, an $18 refund will be given, and you don’t need to return the book to me. The balance of $7 is to cover the cost of printing and shipping.

The table of contents and parts of the first chapter is posted so you know what you are getting. I’ll be around too to address any queries or critiques.

I appreciate your support and hope that it can be of use to you and your loved ones’ journey.


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