[Premium] Next Stop: $1.5 mil

I’ve crossed the $1 million mark in liquid assets (excludes property and CPF) in Nov 2020, and it’s now passed $1.1 million. It makes me think of what’s possible to achieve. While I had used to think that the best I could hope for was to match the S&P 500,…

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  1. Nasdaq Composite is now the most representative overall index on US economy. Not the S&P500. This change occurred over 10 years from 2010-2019.

    Similarly, S&P500 took over Dow Industrials as the most representative index from 1980-1989.

    So for those investing in US stocks, your benchmark should be COMPQ, and not SPX.

    1. Good point. I had not thought of that. For a long time I thought 10% was already hard to achieve, cannot imagine more. Worth considering if I should switch out of S&P 500 ETF into ARK or QQQ. Thanks for the idea!

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