The recent massive cyber attack suffered by the US government and many of its MNCs has given new opportunities in cybersecurity. Kicking myself for not realising it sooner, and hope its not too late.


90 shares of Crowdstrike at $220

Total: USD $19,800

With the rise of remote working, there will be more cybersecurity needed than ever before. It’s something that will do well in both a pandemic and a recovery environment. Even when COVID-19 finally goes away, many people will still want the flexibility of working from home, and the better companies will provide it to them. While remote work may not be suitable for all jobs and all individuals, clearly there are a great deal of people who want it to stay in one form or another.

Beside remote working, we are in a new sort of arms race. Secret wars are being waged for information, which is now the new oil. It’s not hard to imagine governments and companies to keep investing in their IT systems and security, and for them to up their spending significantly.

I finally caved in to buy last night, as I was sick of watching Crowdstrike go up nearly everyday. Today’s discount of 2% is probably the best I’m going to get for a while. With this purchase, use of margin will increase to about $211,000. Still within a big margin of safety. I’m waiting for an opportunity to shed some debt, but at the same time, its not a bad idea to simply hold.

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