I thought it would be good to post an update on how the site is doing, as well as what I’ll be doing in 2021. I just like planning in general, and writing about it helps me to process things.

Website progress

Since I started in Mar 2020, I’ve achieved over 117,000 page views, with nearly 43,000 visitors. It’s not too bad for a blog that is just 9 months old. Before creating a paywall, it ranked in the top 30 of investment blogs in Singapore. Given that most of those are professionally run sites with teams of people and have done it for years, I think what I’ve done is fairly respectable.

As expected, I saw a heavy drop in traffic in Sep when I started (and stopped) the premium membership scheme. Viewership only recently starting picking up in Dec 2020, when I started to accept payments again.

But I felt relief for having a smaller audience at that stage. It felt quite vulnerable to open up my portfolio and honest insurance thoughts. I was the only one to do it in a no-holds barred manner, showing the dollar amounts, exact holdings, and my claim amounts. Few others share in such an open manner. I totally understand why though. You can look foolish if you post your portfolio and moves in real time, and its much safer to just post a year-end summary with no proof about your transactions and holdings.

But I felt I had no business talking about investments unless I myself was decent at it, and able to provide proof. I find it hard to do it any other way. Going forward, I’ll continue to be transparent, even if I trail the market or make a big mistake.

How to improve?

I found myself thinking how to improve readership and engagement in 2021. What do people want to read? What can they learn from me that they can’t get anywhere else?

The site would continue to concentrate on US-based growth investing. I think that sets it apart from the rest of the Singapore blogosphere, which is pretty focused on REITs and dividend plays. There should be room for a Singapore-based US stocks investing blog, and I think interest is growing.

The subject of retirement is something that I would have an advantage in, having done it myself. Most people in the retirement stage don’t blog about it. Others assume that it is a happy ever after. But I have been surprised by how I felt post-retirement, and how to make it sustainable and meaningful. It’s been more of a challenge than I thought, and I want to jot down my thoughts in this area.

Insurance-wise, I have said what I needed to be said. Instead of creating more content here, I may want to repackage them in a more easily-digestible and comprehensive manner.

In the end, I hope to build up a well-organised library of content that is insightful and unique. Most articles are written in a manner so that it would always be relevant. I view it as a legacy, something that helps people in their financial lives for a long time.

Besides building up content, it may also be a good idea to try engagement on new platforms. I need to build up credibility and viewership. But marketing doesn’t come naturally for me. I’ve always preferred to be a bit behind the scenes. However, I think if you want to make a bigger impact, you have to stick your neck out a bit more.

Spending more time on the site

I’ll continue to crank out at least 2 articles per week, with at least 2 meaty articles per month. I’ve already drafted about 10 articles, which I will refine and release in a consistent way. More frequent portfolio updates is something I’m considering too.

I’ve switched to part-time studies instead of full-time. Besides letting me take care of the kid, part-time allows me to work on this site much more. Another benefit is that I can choose the courses which I really like or are useful, instead of picking whatever fits into the schedule or has availability. I’m not in a rush to complete the masters or rush back to work. Would like to see where this takes me.

Thanks again for your support. Always welcome an email or comment to let me know what are your burning questions, or suggestions to improve.

Have a good week (and year) ahead.

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