I’m making most Jun and Jul 2020 articles, including the portfolio and transactions, available for free. Going forward, I’ll be regularly unlocking premium posts to make them accessible for all.

Some pieces will remain exclusive to subscribers only as they are strategies seldom discussed elsewhere, and often closed off to retail investors. Or, they are deeply personal articles. Jun and Jul contained quite a bit of both.

As time passes, the free content on the site will be larger than the premium content. Having a lockup date I think creates a balance of remaining open and sharing, while making sure members are getting the best experience.

You have the benefit of hindsight as I post all my old transactions, which can be easily checked with current prices. I don’t re-edit or retract times when I lost money. Whether I go broke or go rich, you should get a pretty decent sense of how its going.

I view this site like I’m building a library. Article-by-article, I’m putting down my independent, first-hand experiences in investment, retirement, and insurance. This is done with unparalleled transparency and details. It’s going to be my legacy, something which will live and benefit others long after when I’m gone. It was always meant to be shared. I do hope you read and enjoy it.


Jun 2020 portfolio

June transactions

Jul 2020 portfolio

Jul transactions

Market outlook 2H2020

Made a killing

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