Just look at this chart of Gamestop. Just look. Almost a decade of a declining stock price, and over 100% gain in a couple of days. A vertical line up. Congratulations are in order for those who are invested. I’m going to sound like an old uncle, but I really…

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5 thoughts on “[Premium] Gamestop? Really?

  1. Hello,

    I exited GME on Wed with price range of $21-$28 and made >100% for a significant 5 digits return over 3.5 months timeframe! Could have held on longer due to the short squeeze but decided to exit out fully. The + points for GME – it’s a cash cow generating positive free cash flow and if they can execute their e-commence strategy and exit the thousands of physical stores, they should be able to do well especially with Ryan Cohen on their BOD now. He was able to single handedly goes against Amazon in the pets food business and still came out on top so there must be something incredible about him. And I like the US and HK markets much more than SG market due to the volume and volatility but it goes both ways of course. Cheers to those who made money out from GME! 🙂

      1. I was about to post what QL posted. I sold mine at $19, and also made some profits. I believe Ryan Cohen will help them, but at the moment, it’s rallying a bit too much for me. I won’t get back into it now for sure. Everything is overpriced nowadays, it’s insane. I’ve gone on to another market, looking for companies with potential to grow a lot in the next decade, while continuing with monthly DCA into my index funds.

      2. You got a smart and disciplined approach… Let me know what promising companies you find? I’m always looking for the next multi-bagger.

      3. Re: Promising companies. This would need a long email, as I will also send you links for you to read and research. I went into the volatile world of OTC/Pennystocks. It’s not normally advised, but there are good companies out there. You just have to do research, and have the guts to hold for long term. It can be risky, as pump and dumpers are everywhere. You can see red days for some weeks, then green within days due to catalysts. Some of the current big companies used to be penny stocks. They had to start somewhere. 😉 I’ll get down to the email soon. Stay tuned.

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