There is a ton of information on property investing in Singapore. It is just wired in us to think of property as the way to wealth. This is reflected in the countless ads advocating property investing (you know which ones I’m talking about). But there is far less written about…

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2 thoughts on “[Premium] Bond Investing: Why its Better than Property

  1. Not quite a bond but check out China Mobile (0941.HK). They are at lows not seen since 2006 because of politics, and so all U.S. persons were forced to sell. Their income-generating ability and dividend paid has not gone down, so the yield is now ~7%. It was ~8% last week! As a utility stock, it may share some correlation to traditional bonds (higher yields -> lower price), though at these prices the downside seems a lot more limited. This is not investment advice, please do your own due diligence!

    1. Hmm interesting.. I very leery of China stocks, but I think its worth a look! I saw the chart, its been declining for a long time though. But 7% is quite attractive. Thanks for the heads-up Callie!

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