My substantial investment in Tesla has about doubled. Looking back, I have gained nearly half a million in net-worth these last few years. Yet I do not feel rich. I have not cashed out one share or transferred a cent to my bank account. I never intend to, at least…

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2 thoughts on “[Premium] Why Growth Investing Makes You Feel Poor

  1. My second portfolio has hit double of my initial capital last night (in 2 weeks!). I’m now thinking if I should sell off shares to get back my initial capital for something else, and let the free shares grow. Hmmm….

    1. Nice doubling your money. Hard to say what to do. Could still quadruple haha But its a happy problem haha. My own experience is that I would have been much richer if I never sold anything. Really regret selling things like Apple, Tesla, and Netflix ugh

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