Within one night, Gamestop had leaped over 70%, and closed up 51%. So these are not normal things to happen for stocks. It has been a massive transfer of money from mostly professional investors to self-described retards. It feels like one of the few times that the little guy triumphed.…

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8 thoughts on “[Premium] Wallstreetbets Winning the Gamestop War

  1. Ah, last night was crazy. The GME surge made my sell price of $19 seem so insignificant. Haha! My other stocks performed well too. Happy, but also wary.

    1. Same here. Palantir had a good day for me. Regret after selling is super common, and I get it all the time. I sold Tesla at about $250 pre-split. Can faint. Can’t beat yourself up over it though. Future is not possible to predict, and it could have just as easily gone down.

  2. Hi, which is why being disciplined and having a target buy/sell price is important. Once the trade is executed, move on. There are always opportunities out in the market and focus on the present and future rather than the past. 🙂

    1. I felt I would have been much better off if I never sold anything. I sold Apple and Netflix once I had 20% profits, but they went on to be much higher. So I have no price targets, and glad I don’t. Hard to find good companies to redeploy the money into as well. Since I don’t generally cash out, I feel poor haha

      1. Yup, i rarely cash out as well and usually is at least 80% invested. Yea my heart aches when I realized I let go of multi bagger too early but such is life! As long as the overall return is align with my expectation, I’m cool. 🙂

      2. Nice, wish I could live with little or no regrets. I’m still kicking myself for many decisions haha. But I made it out ok overall, and I’m sure you did too. Cheers and here’s to more profitable years

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