Nuclear strikes were fired. Last night, Robinhood and many other brokerages stopped retail investors from buying shares and options on Gamestop, AMC, and many others. While I can understand raising the hurdle on margin and options, there is little justification for stopping the buying of shares. It reeks to me…

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4 thoughts on “[Premium] To Valhalla

  1. hello, normally I’m quite a rationale person but this time round, I’m pretty pissed off by the stock brokerages behavior of RH and IBR to change the rules of the game just to support the hedge funds! I’m going to pump 50% of my YTD 2021 gains into GME and AMC to support the retail investors on the fight back and prepare to lose the 50% gain! Cheers

      1. Ya I saw the earlier link and was thinking eh? Lol. If hedge funds play with AMD, they will burn even more. Don’t mess with gamers haha

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