Quick post to let you know what’s going on and what I’ll be doing for the week. I’ve been posting a lot of Gamestop, so I’m a little tired of that. Would like to give myself and readers a break. So likely the last post on this subject for a…

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4 thoughts on “[Premium] Some Shady Stuff Going on

    1. It’s a bit unbelievable but it’s obvious to anyone who spends any time on the wsb forum. Silver isn’t been pushed by wsb, and vast majority of posts are still about GME. A lot of market manipulation going on

      1. Indeed. It’s a rather strange and dangerous time to be in the market. If not for the fact (or hope) that two of my stocks might get uplisted soon, I would have gotten back my initial capital for those stocks. Still undecided! Haha…

  1. just super disgusted with the brokerages behavior! based on current GME $210 and AMC $14, my paper loss is about SGD 30k but I’m going to hold even if it goes down to $0~meanwhile continue to average down on stocks that are fundamentally strong!

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