Marius looks around the room. He and his friends dared to dream and fight back. They fought bravely and with justice in their hearts. But they were brutally cut down. All his friends are dead and gone. He wonders if all their efforts and talk of revolution were for naught.…

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4 thoughts on “[Premium] Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

  1. It’s okay. There is at least a gain! It’s better to let these go instead of holding on. Not good to be stressed over this. Health is more important. Have a good rest!

  2. Toldcha.

    Why izit you’re able to sniff out salesmanship & snake oil from banks, RMs, property agents, insurance companies, insurance agents, Sim Lim Square salesmen etc etc etc …. but when it comes to anonymous people on the net extolling “fighting against injustice” you fall heads over heels for it???!??!?!?

    Yeah, *everybody* is fighting for something …. and that something is Numba 1.

    1. Lesson learnt. In the end its a dog eat dog world, and words of revolution were empty. Painful one, but something I will try not to repeat again. Count myself lucky to be able to walk away

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