I wanted to do a self-reflection on what went wrong during the Gamestop saga. If nothing else, this should be a lesson learnt. It is an expensive lesson, so I should look at my mistakes closely. Better to face up to blunders, and not sweep it under the carpet. There…

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11 thoughts on “[Premium] What went wrong?

    1. *wish I bought more.

      My keyboard is acting strange.

      *Still thinking about my missed opportunity of buying it at less than a dollar. 😭

  1. The war was lost when the buy restriction kicks in and the post WSB activities went down significantly. I’m still sitting on a high 5 digits paper loss on GME and AMC and will probably just let it run out and maybe miracle will happen?! Haha. In any case, I’ve wrote off the whole amount. Emotions running high still as it’s a disappointment to see the small men lose the war. Well, life goes on~

    1. Agree. It was a dirty trick that enabled the hedge funds to cover. I thought it wouldn’t work and pumped money in as I guessed the stock would zoom up once buying resumed. Didn’t happen, unfortunately. Sorry to hear u are sitting on loses, but its nothing to be ashamed about. We rolled the dice, and this round it didn’t come up in our favour. Win some, lose some.

      1. yup, it was a speculative and rushed decision which I was aware of and partially, greed kinda kicks in too. This ‘bet’ took away about 50% of my YTD 2021 gain but luckily, still in the green so should be happy about it! Haha.

  2. Hey FI35, sorry to hear about your loss. I too made a small bet in GME and have pocketed about $2000 so far. The stock has now dropped very signficantly and am thinking of jumping in again…but am having second thoughts

    1. I got tempted to jump in again too… at $100 lol. Glad I didn’t. I think the game is over… don’t think the same tactics will work again. Hedge funds would have prepared themselves. It’s an emotional roller coaster too. Hard to sleep while holding it.

      Thanks for joining! Let me know if you encounter any difficulties. I’ll also be sending you the retirement book through electronic and paperback versions.

  3. Oh yeah, is there anyway to change the name that appears wehn i post a comment? It shows Kho Kho…which is not what i want..lol

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