Aug 2020 posts are now unlocked. While I was initially unsure about making stuff free, I actually look forward to releasing these each month. It brings in a lot more new readers, and gives the articles a new breathe of life. It also serves as a good review for me on what I did the past 6 months that turned out well, and what turned out not so well. By doing so, I hope to learn from my mistakes and celebrate successes.

Aug was one of those successful months where most bets turned out well. There were consequential additions, such as Nvidia and AMD, and most notably Tesla.

In my Tesla post, I asked myself if I could earn enough from the investment to buy my own Tesla.

I now know the answer is yes. Two model 3s in fact. I’m glad that I made the move to buy Tesla instead of loading up on bonds as I was musing about. It was a successful bet that Joe Biden would win the presidency, with the obvious implications on electric vehicles.

Portfolio Transactions Aug 2020

Portfolio Update Aug 2020

I bought into Tesla

While this article wasn’t locked, I thought it was worth resurfacing an old but gold article on how I feel about the state of Singaporean retirements. TLDR: most of us are fucked.

Most Singaporeans won’t be able to Retire

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Unlocking Aug 2020 Articles

  1. Most people in the world won’t be able to retire. That’s the sad truth. I sound pessimistic, but so many people in the world have no food, home, or even a country. All these are caused by humans. Anyway, had a rather unpleasant day while I was out running an errand today. Only convinced me that this world is hopeless. I normally wouldn’t venture out unnecessarily, especially on weekends. Anyhoo, my aim is to be able to retire and isolate myself (I kid, or maybe not?) from the world! Haha…

    1. Haha.. agree the world is screwed up. I just stay within my own circle and care about my close ones. Hard to save the rest of the world, especially when it’s from themselves. It used to be my dream to stay on an island by myself, but now it’s difficult with a kid and wife. Have to stay connected for them.

      Don’t get too isolated, I’ll chat with you whenever haha.

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