It has been another strong month for equities. Despite the Gamestop debacle, my portfolio has seen another month of green, and has hit my base target of 10% gain in less than 2 months. It is mostly thanks to a strong performance from Palantir. With gains of over USD $50,000,…

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2 thoughts on “[Premium] Portfolio Update Feb 2021

  1. Hello sir! u are right to say many would kill to have your portfolio / gains! There will always be someone with higher gains. Dont look at those – Know that if you are in the market you have already won.

    sometimes i will feel the same too – caught doing the same thing over and over again. what i do is to do something different w the mrs – eg going for a date. or i simply find a new “interest” for me to distract myself with – eg watch!

    Sending virtual support!

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