I learnt that its ok to admit that you made a mistake and get back together. You pay a little extra for your disloyalty but its a small price for easing regret in your mind. Luckily enough, this is a lot easier to do with stocks than with girlfriends or…

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4 thoughts on “[Premium] Back to being Pals

  1. Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year and a great weekend! When into Bitcoin, do share where you buy it from and how you store it. Exchange risk, storage risk, counter-party risk are concerns I have. Alternatively, maybe better to just invest in companies that own Bitcoins – Tesla, MicroStrategy, banks & finance, etc.

    1. Thanks! Happy New year to you too. Your idea about owning stocks with bitcoin is a really good idea. Easier to do and safer. Might be doing that

  2. Happy CNY, bro,… when I read Tesla bought 1.5b worth of Bitcoins earlier this week,.. I told myself, it looks like there digital currencies could be the way for the future. But I did not buy directly into any cryptocurrency. I bought into #SI and #MOGO. There are many companies out there that can act as proxies to BTC investing, but I chose these two co’s to start with. MSTR has gone too high. I immediately bought into the above 2 companies on my last day of work before starting my CNY holidays,.. Hehe.


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