Have been observing the market, in particular Palantir. It’s seen about a 30% drop from its peak of $38. There are two reasons for the drop, which are the 4Q earnings release and the ending of the lockup period where insiders can sell their shares. Palantir I believe is one…

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4 thoughts on “[Premium] Buying the Dip

  1. Yeah, bought the recent Palantir dip too. Could I ask what broker u are using for your trades? I’m using interactive brokers and like their low margin rates but not sure if there is a better option.

    1. Nice buying the dip and getting 15% in a day! I’m using CGS cimb.. Mostly because I’ve been using them for a long time and everything is set up there. I also got humans who I can message anytime there. I set up IB but couldn’t transfer my shares over and couldn’t get a human to help me. But their margin rates are really good, half of what I’m paying now. No strong views on brokerages to use though.

      1. Yes that 15% return in ONE day was exhilirating. First time ever. By the time I had seen this piece you wrote the price had shot up. LOL

      2. Keep holding Palantir.. it’s a long-term hold. I was tempted to cash out but that would be like selling Apple or Amazon in the early days

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