I’ve finally had some time to continue unlocking older articles for readers. I had a pretty rough semester for my Master’s these past few months, and it finally wrapped up last week. It’s no joke trying to upgrade in your 30s, and doesn’t get any better as you age. Your brain has been wired a certain way and new things are much harder to absorb. So I had to spend much more time studying than I anticipated and didn’t have as much time to work on this site. It isn’t as easy as clicking a button to unlock sites. I have to change multiple settings, as well as add the links.

Going forward, I will be updating more rapidly, and try to reduce the time lag between premium and free posts. I think that will make it more friendly and relevant.

Enjoy! And remember to take your mom out!

Portfolio Update Sep 2020

The Hidden Reason for Singapore’s Decline

Portfolio Update Oct 2020

Stock Transactions Oct 2020

Taking a $30,000 loss

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