Stock Transactions Dec 2020

Adding more Square

I left my job

IPOs I’m buying

Missing the Boat

I’m thinking of selling

I’m splitting up the unlocking of my Dec 2020 premium articles cause I wrote a lot during that period. I don’t think many people can read 10 or more articles in one go.

There was a lot to talk about with new IPOs coming out and the stock market reaching new highs. Instinctively I pulled back and became defensive by curbing my purchases and selling some positions. It was a good idea looking back now. I had ammo during the subsequent crash in growth stocks in the next few months, and continued picking up my favorite stocks.

While I was initially interested in the new IPOs of Airbnb and C3.AI, I was horrified by how they were pumped in the first day of IPO. Decided not to play that game, and I’m glad I didn’t. Airbnb is still close to its IPO price, while C3.AI is down about 50% from its highs.

Just a reminder now that I post my stock buys and sells right after I do them on my discord channel for members, so practically real-time. The full portfolio is also posted too. Ever wonder why most “gurus” don’t post their trades in real-time? Are the Instagram posts of their lambos painting a real picture? Why not provide transparency if you’re good?

I’ll leave it up to you to think about where the real money is coming from. Personally, I was always uneasy that so many hard-working people, especially retirees, get scammed. And they fall for the most blatant and shameless scams. And when you try to help them, they get upset at you. So I can’t be bothered anymore.

If you would like real up-to-date stock trades and my portfolio, do consider joining for $5 a month here. Just a note I don’t trade often, and I prefer to make a few significant moves rather than many small ones. But at least you know it’s authentic and I’m making money through my own investments and not through course and marketing fees. I’m also happy to give friendly advice related to investments, insurance, and retirement if you need it.

In Dec, I had also decided to formally resign from my job, widely considered an iron rice bowl. Most people would have told me that I was foolish and just suck it up and cling on. No lack of people who do that, living lives of quiet desperation.

More than 6 months on, I can tell you I don’t regret it. Know your own worth.

Plus I have more money now.

Have a great Sunday ahead =)

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