Hi, I will be geeking out on this post. Mostly for fun, and not sponsored.

Like most kids and adult men, I like Batman. I was the kid who was fascinated by the Xmen and Batman cartoons on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I loved collecting the comics too, and I still have them lying somewhere around. There used to be a big comic shop at Serene Centre, where they would let me read for a few hours as long as I bought something. I spent many afternoons there, playing Magic the Gathering cards and reading comics. So Batman has always been a part of my childhood, and I have fond memories of him.

Somehow, Facebook and Google knew this and started showing ads to me. Amazingly, one of the premier makers of Batman statues is right here in Singapore. I fell in love with their Batman Samurai series. It’s Batman reimagined in a high-tech samurai setting. Very unique and detailed.

And I saw this Batman piece still on sale. I wrested with the decision for weeks. It was quite expensive at $1,700 and took up a lot of space in my limited 4-room HDB flat. Do I really want to go down this rabbit hole?

But temptation won and I said heck it. Support local ya?

One thing led to another and I now have a big cabinet with three massive statues. The photos don’t do justice as to how big they are. The Batman on the horse is about the height of a toddler.

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It’s quite out of character for me because I don’t like to collect things. Up to now, all my possessions would probably fit into a medium-sized box. I’m also a minimalist believer and don’t like mess. So I don’t like collecting bulky things, and I don’t have anything of value in physical form.

The main reason I disliked collecting physical things, especially if they were bulky, was because my father did it. When he passed, he left behind mountains of DVDs, books, coins, and paintings. While he wanted us to appreciate the same things he did, they really were a huge hassle. DVDs and Laser discs are completely useless because of Netflix. Books take up a lot of space and seldom get read again. Coins are a huge hassle to resell and I couldn’t find people who were willing. And nobody wants someone else’s paintings, even if they cost thousands of dollars. They are practically worth zero after the first owner. So in the end we threw away the vast majority of his beloved possessions. To be honest, I had felt some anger that he had wasted so much money on these things, while not buying proper insurance or investing wisely. This was not cheap stuff either. Some of you remember that CDs and laser disc prices were pretty costly, much higher than the subscriptions we are using now. And he had hundreds of these things. The paintings were in the 10s of thousands, much of it just for framing.

But here I am collecting… bulky stuff.

In my defense the list of hobbies I can do have really crumbled. I used to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), and loved it. There was something relaxing about choking someone out after work. I can’t do that now after all my surgeries. One good kick in my stomach would likely result in an emergency and long-term problems. As much as I would like to return to it, it’s irresponsible to me, my family, and rolling partners. So I do need another time sink.

And you know what? My investments have done fairly well, insurance was all in place, and I think I deserve a little something for surviving cancer and growing my money. Life is short, and I don’t think I need to over justify the things I enjoy.


Let’s breakdown the cost, for my own records too. Cost of upgrading my PC to a RTX 3070 and R7 5800X are included here too. AMD and Nvidia weren’t doing well in the first half of the year, and I thought I should buy a PC to shore up their share price. It worked pretty well, and they are hitting highs yet again.

  1. Nightwing Samurai – $1,300
  2. Batman Shugo Ver B – $1,700
  3. Batman Shogun (the horse one) – $2,900 (I may have told my wife a lower amount)
  4. Display Cabinet – $850
  5. Ultraviolet window filters to protect against sunlight – $120
  6. Aftershock PC -$3,000

Total – $9,820

That’s not super cheap, but I don’t have a car or other expensive hobbies. And I sort of reason that my peers are collecting watches or buying cars. The investment-grade watches can cost $50,000 and up. It never made a lot of sense to me to pay that much for a trinket on my wrist, when a cheap Casio would keep better time.

Another source of comfort for spending this amount is that the statue resale market is pretty good. These Batman Samurai statues are well sought after, with some pieces selling for more than twice their initial prices in less than 2 years. That’s a respectable investment return. But it’s not that important for me as I don’t think I will be selling them. Just saying that it shouldn’t be too hard to find a buyer if it comes to that.

I’ve had these statues for a while now and don’t have any regrets. Yes, it takes up a lot of space and costs more than the average hobby, but these are works of art to me. I would like to collect more, but space is an issue. My wife won’t allow me to display them anywhere else in the house too. A good goal for me is to upgrade to a terrace house so to collect more of these. I do worry if I will look like a crazy person if I overdo it, but that’s a problem for another day.

Maybe a quick word about FIRE too. I’ve been FIRE-ed for almost 1.5 years now. My personal view is that a lifestyle without little luxuries wouldn’t be one worth living. Frugal fire is very hard to do, especially if you have a family. Concentrate on rising your income instead of watching every little expense and probably annoying your partner.

And you can one day enjoy super nice Batman statues too.

5 thoughts on “Spending $10,000 on hobbies

  1. Wow those are some pretty cool statues there! Definitely agree that everyone needs a little hobby or two. I just got back into collecting cards as well. Just curious where you got the UV filters for the cabinets.

    1. I found a guy on carousell, https://www.k4teenmasking.com/.

      Very happy with the job, service and quality were excellent. You might want to consider if your collection is exposed to sunlight. It might get yellow pretty fast in Singapore’s sun.

      What kind of cards do you collect? Pokemon?

  2. Ah cool. I’ll go check it out! Yeah collecting mainly Pokémon cards at the moment. But I may consider venturing out to other toys/collectibles in the future!

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