Wanted to quickly pen my thoughts regarding the current COVID situation. I was right earlier about it lasting much longer than expected. Not really happy about being right here. My hopes of going about unmasked and returning to a mostly normal life after vaccination has been dashed. Normal doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon, much to my dismay.

I am pretty pessimistic about the Singapore’s tourism and commercial sector rebounding. We are surrounded by corrupt and incompetent governments in this region, which will struggle with vaccinations and the delta variant. Foreigners from the West and East are happily rediscovering their domestic markets, and likely won’t see any need to come to our part of the world. Many travel packages here rely on visits to our neighbors, and without them, our appeal as a tourist destination greatly decreases.

It’s pretty demoralising to see that concerts and travel going on in the U.S. and UK. My Chinese relatives are happily holidaying around their massive homeland and its territories. Pretty much maskless. Yet here we are, one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, unable to eat with more than six at a table, or two at a hawker table.

I’ve sold out on my second last Singaporean asset at a decent profit, with the last one being my own home. It’s being re-invested in U.S and Chinese holdings.

Heart still breaks when I see Singapore businesses struggling. I make an effort to buy from my neigbourhood shops but its not enough.

Also just observing my own habits. We actually don’t find any great desire to go back to watching movies. I enjoy watching movies on the big screen, and used to watch a movie about 1-2 times a month with my wife. Even though we can go back to this, we just haven’t. It just seems much safer and cheaper to do it at home now.

Online shopping has become more ingrained, and I find that Shopee is pretty great, much better than Lazada. Maybe a SEA investment soon?

Travel-wise, we are not rushing out, even though there may be some countries that we can go. The risks and hassle are too great. It’s not appealing to keep taking swab tests at our own costs. There is a lot of uncertainty of medical care when we go overseas, and if travel insurance will cover it. I don’t want to risk my loved ones to satisfy a craving for travel. Young one still cannot be vaccinated.

I think these habits will continue for the foreseeable future. Will invest accordingly.

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