With the rough market in Sep, I’m coming close to a margin call. The China crackdown has not been kind either and I’m heavily in debt. My banker has been hounding me and I’ve blocked his calls. Having difficulties paying my credit card bills, and was hit with late fees too.

Been consistently wrong about the market and have been paying the price.

Wondering how it all went wrong. I was so sure before.

Luckily, bumped into a friendly guy at the MRT. Nice suit and handsome, very trustworthy. Played some light-hearted games, won some money, and was invited to play a special event for even more. What fun!

Super grateful for the second chance! He kindly passed me his card too.

Looks like we will be having a Playstation party going by the logos. My childhood of playing computer games is finally going to pay off.

This should be a much safer and easier way to get rich than that stupid stock market. Can’t possibly go wrong as long as I’m consistent and follow a system. Might be gone for a few days, but I’ll be back soon!

4 thoughts on “Going Broke… But there’s Hope

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, you’re close to being margin called on your bond funds? I ask cause I recall that your margin on equities is rather low

    1. Taiwan will invade China before I get margin called on those…

      Do catch a show called Squid Game on Netflix if you haven’t already =)

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