Another month of restrictions. Another month of not being able to meet friends. Another month of staring at my wife and son while they eat at another table, thinking how ridiculous this is.

Despite all our sacrifices and boasting of how smart and prepared we are, Singaporeans are suffering one of the longest and harshest restrictions in the world. And with no end in sight.

For little apparent benefit. Considered by the US and Germany as a “high risk area”.

All by our own doing.

Tired of this oppressive and fearful climate.

Saddened by seeing local businesses close.

Frustrated by our childcare centre frequently opening and closing and the disruption to our lives. And for my kid not getting a normal childhood and education.

Disgusted by being told it’s because of our complacency.

Bemused by so many young people being trained to check for green ticks and how many cm people are apart. Is that the best use of their time and our resources? Aren’t we being told there is a skills shortage going on, and we don’t have enough skilled people?

Unaware of how much all these Trace Together apps, ambassadors, subsidies to rich landlords and towkays, testing, and countless more measures are costing me and my child.

Unwilling to pay for new taxes and GST, higher housing costs, and >$80,000 for the right to own a car.

Very weary. It’s not living. Can’t see much of a future here.

Needed to release a bit.

Nothing else we can do. Resigned to fate. We are good at that, aren’t we? Staying united in other words.

That’s all.

We are Singapore.

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