Like many others, I’ve been glued to the news about the invasion of Ukraine.

I detest the greed of people like Putin, who are willing to destroy thousands and millions of lives for their dreams of empire. Why are evil people in power?

I admire the bravery of the Ukrainians, who are stepping up to defend their freedoms and way of life. Not just their own, but for the free world.

I see fathers saying goodbye to their daughters, brave men and women being killed, and for what? Even more greed and ambition. I feel ashamed that I live in comfort and peace.

If you can, please donate to support the families who have become refugees. Here is a link to organizations already working on the ground. I have donated.

Finally, the West is realizing the danger and stepping up their restrictions of Russia’s economy, including a ban on SWIFT. I’m very bearish on the Russian economy. The world is intertwined and no matter how big or powerful an economy is, stopping access to top tier technology and financing ultimately cripples the competitiveness of the economy. The rubles’ slide and the Russian stock market crash is just the beginning.

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